Happiness is in the air…can u feel it ?

I don’t remember exactly in what age i went through this word call ‘happiness ‘ . Being a newborn baby my mother was the only reason to grow up , her face was my only reason to smile ,her chest was my comfortzone ,her breast relevied me from my appetite .At that stage i was incognizant about the requirement of happiness ,for this reason i think i was never sad about anything.All i fancied was limited to feel her ,stay with her ..

But as long as i started growing up ,i started complaning about everything which i don’t like ,started becoming hoggish for which i want to have with me. I came to know about happiness which exacts a lot ,the moment i realize about not accessing proper gauge which leads to happiness ,it turns me to become sad.But i don’t understand why the requirement is countless to become happy ?Why it is not easy to become happy ? But why it is so easy to become sad ? I have to give effort to become happy and not become sad.

In that phase, when I was not having the epitome of happiess in my mind ,I was so happy about everything .This archetype of happiness prevents me to become happy, to enjoy the sorrounding,to feel the every flash of life. It has created a gap between me and my own way of happiness through guiding towards the perfectness of happiness.

Can i just throw out the epitome of happiness and try to enjoy in my own way ? There will be no top and buttom in my own way of happiness ..I want to feel the happiness with everything around myself . I want to find happiness in everything i want to do in my life without any confine.. Yes, then i will say “happiness is in the air ,as air is not restricted to some limted person. “

Being a girl.

“Yes I m a girl”..”yes I can proudly say it”… One second.. what’s the proper definition of proud ??…Is it possible for a girl saying her reality proudly?

In an Indian middle class patriarchic family the first children must be “boy”otherwise it becomes a mortuary…It’s funny to say without a women or without a girl there is no possibility of birth…In the whole process of birth,, the women suffers a lot ..everyone knows about the stomach cramps,discomfort,labour pain and also carries the baby for 10 months and wait her duty is not ending here,,breastfeeding is an important part of motherhood which supplies all the necessary nutrients in the proper proportions..but in the long process of birth think the involvement of a father or a man,,just think.. It’s a fucking truth..

But after the long process of birth, the women have to think about or have to find out the man or father for giving his title as the title of her baby..Taking all the responsibility of the child, where’s the position of an women..

Someone says that a father carries all the financial responsibility of the family. In the past days women were basically restricted in a boundary, they were not getting any responsibility for their development or empowerment,,but nowadays women are becoming educated intact highly educated ..where india’s female literacy rate is 65.46 percent and where India ranks 120 among 131 countries in female labor force participation rate ,than what the reason for being dependent upon men..

Apart from all these responsibility, women are victim of various problems like sexual harassment, domestic violence,,rape is problem that women are subjected to daily.. all of these problems are done by men…is there any possibility of solutions for all these problems??

“Yes I am a girl “.”Yes I can proudly say it .” Overcoming all the restrictions, facing all the problems, maintaining all the responsibility of being a daughter, being a wife, being mother, being a grandmother we are rising our voice for Equality with men..we are not rising for greater importance but for equal importance …Yes being a girl is a proudly feeling.